Getting Back on The Road and Back To Business

Getting Back on The Road and Back To Business

June 17, 2021  |   Mobile Office, Business Meetings, Networking, Business Travel, Work Trips, Business Trip, Corporate Travel, virtual meetings, Zoom fatigue, Business Strategy, Employee Meetings, Client Relationships, Building Trust, Client Meetings

When the pandemic hit, travel came to a complete standstill. With vaccines on the rise and restrictions being lifted, people are wondering - will business travel bounce back? Should business travel come back? After a long pause, all signs point to yes! According to an interview with CNBC, American Express CEO, Steve Squeri, stated “When we look at our travel numbers, our travel bookings in May were 95% of what they were in May of 2019.”

While much of those bookings represent leisure trips, at least 35% of businesses are getting back out there according to Business Travel News.

In an age where technology has taken over, why is it so important for businesses to return to travel?

Gain Some Perspective.
No question about it, face-to-face interactions with our employees, business partners, co-workers - the communities where we do business - is still invaluable. The human experience cannot be replaced by meetings over Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Sure, business can get done virtually. But at what cost? Connecting in person helps you gain perspective. You get to know the wants and needs of the people around you. Getting back to travel means once again making those meaningful, in-person connections that so often our businesses are built on.

Move About To Avoid Burnout.
A change of scenery is good for the mind, body, and soul. Zoom fatigue is real. Traveling gets us off calls and away from the desk, bringing a renewed sense of energy and fresh ideas.

You Get More Flies With Honey When The Honey Is In The Room.
You know the saying – you get more flies with honey? The honey is less appealing if it is just a picture on a computer screen. You lose out on the experience! It is about meeting the people you’re doing business with, the lunches, being able to put your hands on the presentation materials – the physical details that get lost over Zoom.

Getting Back On The Road, Getting Back To Business.
It’s time to get back on the road and get back to business. Safely, of course. If you live in the Midwest, consider LandJet as an alternative to airline travel. No fighting over arm rests or worrying about getting stuck in the middle of strangers. Enjoy an immersive mobile office experience with door-to-door service! Full connectivity means full productivity - check emails, prep for meetings, go over sales presentations, pull reports – all from the comfort of your seat. Same day travel? We have your back.



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