Upgrade Your Next Business Trip

Upgrade Your Next Business Trip

August 20, 2021  |   Mobile Office, Business Meetings, Business Travel, Work Trips, Business Trip, Corporate Travel, Travel, Business Travelers, Road Trips, Business Traveler

Introducing the LandJet 2.0 - our newest Mercedes model!  We're thrilled to upgrade our fleet and your travel experience. Enjoy a smoother ride and added comfort.  Plus, all these amazing features!

  • Leather stitched seats with recline ability, for up to 6 passengers
  • Workspaces designed for both personal use and collaboration
  • Climate control
  • Interior lights can be turned on/off
  • Complimentary WiFi
  • TVs with up to 70 channels and HDMI capability
  • USBS and outlets for keeping electronics charged
  • Surround sound stereo with blue tooth capability
  • Onboard refrigerator for keeping snacks and drinks cold

And of course, convenient door-to-door service thanks to our incredible drivers (or as we like to call them - pilots!).

Can you  imagine how enjoyable your next work trip will be when you're riding in the LandJet 2.0?


If you're ready to enjoy stress-free, productive travel on your schedule, contact us to learn more or request a no-obligation price quote:

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