Traveling With LandJet - Customer Top 3 List

Traveling With LandJet - Customer Top 3 List

June 23, 2021  |   Mobile Office, Business Meetings, Business Travel, Work Trips, Business Trip, Corporate Travel, Client Relationships, Client Meetings, Travel, Business Travelers, Road Trips, Business Traveler

What do our customers love best about riding in a LandJet? Hint – it’s not the premium snacks we provide (and we do!). Out of all the feedback and customer reviews, the top 3 reasons to travel by LandJet include…

  1. Our Pilots – nearly every customer review, compliment, or feedback we receive overwhelmingly mentions how amazing our drivers are to work with! We hear things like “extremely professional”, “courteous and prompt”, “great at staying in touch with us”, “gave us our privacy but there when we needed him”. It’s apparent that our service rises above the rest and our customers truly appreciate it!

  2. Onboard Amenities – coming in close second is the amenities that make up our mobile offices. Our complimentary WiFi, TVs (with up to 70 channels), USBs and Outlets making it possible to stay productive during travel. Customers have expressed LandJet has “the best TV and WiFi streaming of any vehicle” and we offer “an unmatched business travel experience”.

  3. Comfortable Ride – the number three reason to book a LandJet? Comfort. Our mobile office vans are “very comfortable” to ride in according to our customers. LandJet provide productivity, great service and “comfortable seating” all rolled into one travel solution. Win, win, win.


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